The Ben Franklin Academy


"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple."

- S. Gudder

BFA teacher with student It seems as though every few years a new way to teach math sweeps through the schools in America. Still, we see more and more students who are being poorly served by the math instruction they find here. At Ben Franklin, we may be innovators in many areas, but we have remained true to the core belief that every student can and will succeed when given the individualized education that he or she deserves. Nowhere is this truer than in math. Some of our students have missed certain basics in their math education. At BFA, they find that not only can they not hide in the back of the class anymore, but also that they don't want to. Other BFA students are doing more advanced work than they would be able to do at many traditional schools. Both kinds of students, and ones in between, find a home at BFA, where we realize that in math there is no substitute for great teachers.