The Ben Franklin Academy

Work Study Requirements

Minimum of 10 hours per week

Minimum of 15 weeks per semester*

Minimum of 150 hours per semester*

*Pro-rated for students entering mid semester

Work Study Documentation

Current students/parents click here for the following work-study documentation:

Work Study Brochure

 Job Approval Form - 2017-18


Work-Study Program

Work Study Program, Ben Franklin Academy

"It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man."

- Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin Academy is authorized by the State of Georgia to offer a shortened academic school day because we are a Work-Study school. BFA students attend either a morning or an afternoon session, with the requirement that they hold a part-time paid, internship or volunteer position while they are enrolled.* Students are expected to work ten to twenty hours per week for a minimum of 15 weeks per semester (minimum of 150 hours). Students must successfully complete their work-study requirement to earn a BFA diploma. What students learn from their work experiences constitutes an important part of BFA's curriculum. Students discuss work issues with their work-study advisors on a regular basis. Through our work-study curriculum, students develop a resume, learn interview skills, and become responsible employees. Although students are expected to find their own jobs, they are supported in the search process by a BFA faculty member, who serves as a work-study advisor.
*Students enrolled in one of the Longer Day Options do not have to participate in the Work-Study Program.

Work-Study Faculty Advisory Committee

Just as all BFA students have an academic advisor who monitors their progress through the completion of their academic program, students also have a work-study advisor who oversees their job performance. Other resources are provided by members of our staff: Barry Dunnavant and Jan Bedol

Benefits to Prospective Employers

Because most high school students have limited work experience and find employment in entry level positions, they need to learn how to meet employer expectations. We believe that the support our work-study advisors provide to our students makes them more responsible employees. Since the receipt of academic credit for their studies is directly related to students working a minimum number of hours per semester, BFA students are more likely to be loyal to their employer. Members of the work-study advisory committee serve as a resource for both students and their employers to monitor our students' work performance and to assist in resolving any difficulties students might have on the job. We encourage current or prospective employers to contact a member of our Work-study Committee and to let us know of job openings that are appropriate for our students. Members of the committee can be reached at 404-633-7404 or through the Contacts section of this web site.