Ben Franklin Academy

We provide our students with
a challenging individualized college preparatory education
within a caring community of learners, while advancing
the knowledge and methodology of the adolescent education.


Honors Classes


The student/teacher ratio is 4:1 in the Morning Session


Teachers have worked at BFA for an average of 17 years.


 Founded in 1987, Ben Franklin Academy is 37 years old.


Advanced Placement Classes


We offer courses in Spanish, German, French, Russian, Latin, and American Sign Language.


Small by design, BFA enrolls 120 students each year.


Mastery Learning Curriculum requires students to reach 90% proficiency in each course before advancing to the next level or course.

Ben Franklin Academy Calendar

Ben Franklin Academy

Sarah, BFA Student

"Individualized learning is a completely different experience than being in a big school environment. I feel like I have a class connection to not only teachers that teach me, but also other incredible teachers I have been able to meet. I especially enjoy that the teachers balance their role as teacher and friend."

Sophia, BFA Student

"For the first time since third grade, I have teachers who actually care about me and know my name. I get to cuddle cats when I get stuck on a problem!"

Ellie, BFA Student

"BFA is extremely accommodating and focuses on my personal needs and wants. My academic plan is perfectly set up in a way to promote my utmost success."

Jan, BFA Teacher, with Timothy, BFA Student

"I searched for years to work in this type of learning environment.  BFA met all my expectations for a creative approach to teaching that works for all learning styles and an environment based on respect and kindness!" 

Alex, Class of 2019

"BFA has been an excellent school in so many ways. I enjoy the individual pace in classes which has allowed me to complete more than I could have anywhere else, and the great discussion with my teachers in my classes. Overall, BFA manages to assemble an extraordinarily rare group of likeable people, both students and teachers."

Shelby, Class of 2018, and mom Julie

"My time at Ben Franklin Academy allowed me to become a part of a community that inspires, supports, and educates everyone."  Shelby

"Ben Franklin Academy is what every educational institution should aspire to be."  Julie