BFA at a Glance
The Ben Franklin Academy is an independent, progressive, college-prep high school. We teach a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, tailored to each student’s individual learning style, needs, and special interests.

At BFA, we are committed to individualized instruction and mastery learning. Our students often have not been well served by traditional schools. We offer another way. Here you will find a caring community of learners, where students develop deep relationships with their teachers and advisors, work in settings designed to encourage their best efforts, and become responsible, self-directed young men and women who are ready to excel at college and beyond.

  • Ben Franklin Academy is a non-profit, non-sectarian, private high school accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS, now a part of Cognia) and by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).
  • We offer three levels of Instruction: College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement.
  • BFA serves grades 9-12.
  • We are small by design with enrollment around 120 each year.
  • Mastery Learning Curriculum requires students to reach 90% proficiency in each course before advancing to the next level
  • We offer several sessions:
    • Morning Session with Work Study
    • Afternoon Session with Work-Study
    • Two Longer Day Options - 8:00-2:00 or 10:00-4:00
  • The student/teacher ratio is about 4:1 in the Morning Session and about 3:1 in the Afternoon Session.
  • Lunchtime clubs and Activities offered include Philanthropy Club, Green Club, Game Club, Junior Classical League,  Robotics, SAT/ACT Preparation, Drama and Arts & Crafts Club.
  • After-school clubs and activities offered include Drama, Popular Music Ensemble, Cross Country, Golf, Latin Dance and Ultimate Disc.
  • Student athletes, young entrepreneurs, and student musicians find our programs to be flexible enough to support their work, practice and performance schedules.
  • We offer 6 foreign languages: Spanish, German, French, Russian, Latin, and American Sign Language.
  • We offer 25 Advanced Placement courses and 25 honors classes.