An Environment where Students Feel Inspired to Learn


Our campus reflects our philosophy of education. In fact, at BFA, our campus is an integral part of how we bring that philosophy to life for our students.

We believe that traditional classroom settings too often turn students into passive recipients of information. Here at BFA, we foster active learners, who become engaged in the process of their own education. We help our students become responsible and self-directed, and our facilities assist us in this process. Students are free to study where they are most comfortable and productive, and take breaks as they need them, whether to fix a bagel and a cup of tea in one of our kitchens, or to stretch their legs in the garden. We have converted two former distinguished residences in the Emory University area to serve as our school buildings. But we haven't built traditional classrooms in them or stocked them with desks. Instead, we've worked hard to preserve a more informal atmosphere, where students gather with their instructors around small tables. Bookshelves line the walls, and the windows open onto our extensive gardens.

In others words, BFA is a place where students make themselves at home.