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Lyra Morrison, Ben Franklin Academy

Lyra Morrison

B.A., Emory University

Department / Position

Foreign Languages - Latin and Greek
Jr. Classical League


Phone Number

Business Phone: 404-633-7404



Lyra Morrison first came to Ben Franklin Academy as an intern while studying History, Education, and Classics at Emory University. After she graduated from Emory in 2015, she continued working at Ben Franklin part time. She eventually left Ben Franklin to expand her teaching experience, but was very pleased to have the opportunity to return to teach at Ben Franklin full time for the 2017-2018 school year. After spending time at other schools, she was even more appreciative of the unique learning environment and approach to education, as well as the closeness of the community at Ben Franklin Academy. Lyra teaches Latin, Greek, English, Mythology, and History, and also runs Ben Franklin’s Classics Club.


“Non scholae sed vitae discmus” - Seneca

(This translates to “we learn not for school, but for life”)

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