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Online Store

You can now purchase BFA-logo items through Lands' End!

Available items include polos, dress shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, plus many more things. Once you have chosen an item, you can then elect to have either the BFA seal or the words "Ben Franklin Academy" embroidered (or in some cases silk-screened) onto it.

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For more information contact Renée Weller

Parent Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child is sick?

Because we are such a close community, we need to be especially careful about hand washing, germs, coughing, sneezing, and the like. The flu and flu-like viruses have a way of roaring through our community in mini-epidemics. While it is encouraging to have students who want to come to school, our standing instruction is: Because of the risk of infecting the rest of us, if you are running a temperature or are coughing, sneezing, etc., please plan to work at home instead of coming to school sick. Call your advisor for assignments.

Do I need to fill out any forms if my student wants to participate in sports?

Yes. All student athletes in grades 9-12 must have a Georgia High School Association Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form completed by a licensed physician. The form needs to be submitted to the head coach before a student will be permitted to practice or participate in an event. See the Athletics page for more information.

What sports can my student take part in?

We currently offer the following sports programs: Cross Country, Golf, Ultimate Disc, Yoga. Please see the Athletics page for more information.

When is my student signed up to take the SAT/ACT?

Students usually take their first SAT and/or ACT by the spring semester of their junior year. Students and Parents should see the college guidance counselors for forms and assistance.

When should my student start applying to colleges?

Students and their families begin meeting with the college guidance counselors during fall semester of their junior year. The actual application process starts during the fall semester of their senior year.

What paperwork is needed for the work-study program?

The Job Approval Form and the Work-Study Report Forms are available on the Work-Study Program section of this site.

It's snowing! Is school closed?

BFA notifies students and their families about school closings through the school's "First Alert" system. The school also announces school closings on 11 Alive, Fox 5, Channel 2 Action News. We also post info on the radio at 750 WSB.

My student is trying to get a driving license, do we need any forms from the school?

Please contact Amy Barnes at (404) 633-7404 for the appropriate form.

My student doesn't have a work-study position yet, what should I do?

Students should talk to a teacher on the Work-Study Committee - Jan Bedol or Barry Dunnavant, about volunteer and paid positions.

Can my student get test-prep help at BFA?

BFA offers SAT/ACT Prep on Tuesday at lunchtime from 11:30 - 12:30 for BFA students. In addition students may consult with their subject teachers for individualized test preparation.

Where can I find a list of academic electives?

Please see the Electives for more information about academic electives currently offered by the school.

How do I get in contact with my son/daughter's teacher?

You may email the teacher directly or leave a phone message with the office at (404) 633-7404. Please see the Faculty Directory in the sidebar on this page, or visit the Faculty and Staff page.

Who can I talk to about my tuition bill?

Tuition questions should be directed to the Business Manager, Amy Barnes.

Where can I find the student dress code?

Please see the Dress Code page for BFA's Dress Code.

When is spring break this year?

Please see the Academic Calendar for all holidays and events.

To what colleges have BFA students been accepted in the past?

For a list of college acceptances for the last 5 years, please click here.