BFA School Schedule and Dress Code

Did you know?

Ben Franklin Academy students in the Work-Study program can attend either the Morning or Afternoon sessions. 

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2024-2025 School Schedules

2024-2025 BFA Dress Code

We have a student Dress Code. Failure to adhere to Dress Code can result in being asked to wear appropriate school-supplied garments for the day, being put in in-house suspension for the day, or going home. Repeated violations can result in out-of-school suspension.

The BFA Dress Code is worn in all programs – Morning, Afternoon, and Longer Day Options. Students must wear clothing that is clean and appropriate and follows the Dress Code below.

Students are encouraged to ask teachers about the acceptability of prospective items of dress before wearing those items to school Repeated violations of the dress code will be considered an infraction of the Second Rule: Do what teachers and staff ask you to do.

Upon enrolling in the school, all students sign an agreement with the Head of School promising to comply with the Four Rules, the Work-Study Requirement and the Dress Code. Non-compliance with this Dress Code Agreement calls into question the privilege of students to remain in the school.

Reminder: no shirt, no shoes, no service!

Shirts/ Blouses/ Tops/



Students must wear a shirt that is not a tank top, a halter top, a blouse with spaghetti or narrow straps, or a revealing blouse. Blouses and shirts must reach the waist or below – no halter or crop-tops. Shirts should not be torn, ragged or have mesh inserts. Chests and backs must be covered. Clothing must cover all undergarments. T-shirts may not carry a message related to tobacco, alcohol or any illegal substance, or messages or pictures offensive to any race, gender/religious, or political group. Any lettering that is offensive, vulgar or obscene in some way is prohibited – including, but not limited to, curse words and alcohol or drug-related messages. It is left to the discretion of faculty/staff to determine what lettering or messages will be prohibited


Skirts/ Dresses:

Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and leggings that are mended, torn, or ragged should provide appropriate coverage. Shorts or skirts of appropriate length must be over opaque/transparent hose.  Pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses must extend to mid-thigh as well.
Shoes: Students must wear shoes. Sandals other than flip-flops are acceptable. Any closed shoes except bedroom shoes and bedroom slippers are acceptable.
Other: Appropriate jackets or sweaters may be worn as needed. Hoods may not be worn on the head in the classroom. NO PAJAMAS TOPS ARE TO BE WORN AT ANY TIME.