Head of School's Welcome Message


The Ben Franklin Academy’s motto, “Esse Quam Videri” [“To be rather than to seem”], characterizes the essence of The Ben Franklin Academy’s educational experience for our students. We welcome and nurture the intellectual curiosity, the creativity, and the talents of each student while helping each one develop their skills, increase their knowledge, and engage with the community. We want our students to experience the joy that learning can bring and become lifelong learners. Our students become physicians, entrepreneurs, veterinarians, teachers, psychologists, actors, and musicians, to name a few of the careers they choose. They are talented and interesting teens.

Our teachers truly care about their students, providing individualized instruction that follows a Mastery Learning approach. The teachers carefully align the college preparatory instruction with each student’s learning style and needs so that learning seems as natural as breathing. They mentor and guide the students to achieve school success.

We invite you to experience the Ben Franklin Academy difference. After exploring our website, we invite you to reach out by phone or email to learn more about our school, which has been truly transformational for so many students over three decades. We hope you will visit and see firsthand how we encourage and teach students “to be rather than to seem.”

Martha B. Burdette, Ph.D.

Head of School