The Ben Franklin Academy

Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisory System

BFA Advisor NotebookEach BFA student is assigned an academic advisor at the beginning of each school year. Academic advisors fill many roles. They coordinate each of their advisees’ schedules, ensuring that their advisees are meeting degree requirements, and they are the primary point of contact with parents, exchanging e-mails or phone calls on a weekly basis.

The real value of academic advisors at BFA grows out of the deep relationships that develop between them and their advisees. Advisors meet briefly with their advisees at the beginning of each academic day, when they might go over one student’s work plan, encourage another student about a subject he has been struggling with, and check in with another about her soccer game from the night before. Advisors know about what’s going on in their advisees’ lives, both in and out of school, and serve an important role in many students’ lives, as a trusted adult they can talk honestly to, and that they know will have their best interests at heart.