The Ben Franklin Academy

Speaker Series

"Giving our students a personal insight into higher-education and the world of work"

College and University Representatives

The Ben Franklin Academy’s college counselors invite representatives from various colleges and universities throughout the United States and from other countries. All students listen to presentations by the representatives, who speak to students during their scheduled mid-day meeting times. The schedule for the college representatives visits to BFA is published on the Family Connections page of the Naviance system. To access this system, please click here


Speaker SeriesLawyers, physicians, corporate executives, educators, historians, entrepreneurs, scientists, therapists, and other professionals speak to our students about their careers and their paths to success. This particular part of the Speaker Series provides BFA students with meaningful information on different career paths and life skills. The speakers discuss various topics relevant to being a teenager. Students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations that helps to inform their personal growth and development.