Image of Benjamin Franklin

Man is a tool-making animal.Benjamin Franklin

Introducing The Franklin Toolkit

Ben Franklin Academy has long provided resources for students, parents and teachers to implement mastery learning in their homes and classrooms through a collection of resources we call The Franklin Toolkit
For thirty-six years, Ben Franklin Academy has used the latest research from the fields of education, psychology, cognitive science, neurology, and personal development to establish  innovative and individualized learning plans for our students in grades nine through twelve.  
BFA respects the gifts that each student brings to our learning community. In fact, we strongly believe that diversity of interests and talents makes our school stronger. For instance, the student who hates math may be an exceptional poet or guitarist, while the English-phobic child may be a computer whiz. While these students with different perspectives are at BFA together, they can learn  from one another by working closely together on projects in Philanthropy, Arts, Sciences, and sports. 
We will soon have a new website devoted to providing community resources to help students accelerate their study skills and improve their writing strategies. We will also  be providing an online course to parents and teachers interested in the Mastery Learning approach.
The Franklin Toolkit is an outreach project of Atlanta’s Ben Franklin Academy faculty, students, and Trustees. We are especially grateful to the generous funding from the Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation and the Mary Ryan and Henry G. Kuhrt Foundation that has made this outreach possible.