The Ben Franklin Academy

Quick Facts

Results: 9 - 12 Co-ed

Student Body: 125

Student/Teacher Ratio: 5:1 (AM), 3:1 (PM)

School Colors: Navy and White

Mascot: Patriots

AP's Offered: 24

Foreign Languages: 9

International Students: 7%

Founded: 1987

Student Profile

Student Profile

Student ProfileBFA serves a diverse student population. What the students have in common is the desire for a college prep curriculum taught through individualized instruction with a Mastery Learning approach. Profiles of our students include the following:

  • Students pursuing professional careers in sports, music, fine arts, drama, and other fields.

  • Young business entrepreneurs.

  • Students who want to accelerate and graduate early.

  • Straight-A honors students who are bored in traditional schools.

  • Students who have been homeschooled.

  • International students.

  • Students with chronic illnesses or in recovery from a catastrophic illness.

  • Students with ADD and/or mild LD who can complete a college prep program with accommodations.

  • Students who want a small and caring school.