The Ben Franklin Academy

Athletic Director

Peter Birdsey

B.A., M.A.

Directs sports

Cross Country
Ultimate Disc


18 Years


Business Phone: 404-633-7404

Peter Birdsey, AD

BFA Cross Country
BFA Golf
BFA Ultimate


Athletics Program

We have a talented and enthusiastic faculty of coaches, many of whom are also academic instructors at the school. Our student body is typically home to athletes of all abilities, ranging from complete beginners to aspiring professional athletes, who find that Ben Franklin accommodates them in a way that other schools are not able to do. The shorter day option, individualized curriculum, and efficient learning environment make it possible for our aspiring athletes to follow a professional training program without sacrificing their academic potential. The inclusive nature of our Athletic Program also makes it possible for beginners and less confidant athletes to participate and grow with nurturing instructors without the pressure of try-outs or cuts.

Distinguished athletic alumni include Shareef Abdur-Rahim (2000 USA Men’s Olympic Basketball team, Atlanta Hawks), Lindsay Lee-Waters (Former No. 33 world ranking Tennis champion), Isaac Levinson (2012 USA Olympic Kayak team contender), and other nationally ranked college athletes and professional coaches.

With a small student body and two distinct sessions, the Athletic Program at BFA predominantly consists of individual and small-team sports. We currently offer varsity programs in Golf, Cross-Country, and Ultimate Disc.

For more information about our Athletics Program, contact Peter Birdsey, BFA Athletic Director, at or at 404-633-7404

Physical Examination

All student athletes in grades 9-12 must have a Georgia High School Association Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form completed by a licensed physician. The form needs to be submitted to the head coach before a student runner will be permitted to practice or participate on the team.

BFA Parents/Students click here for the pre-participation physical evaluation form

Recognition Banquets

Near the end of each semester, the Athletic Department along with the Music Department host a "Sports & Activities Banquet."  The banquets feature awards for participants in sports for that semester and performances from BFA's music ensembles.  Family members of our student athletes are invited to join us in the Carriage House for food and awards ceremonies.  For more information see the academic calendar for dates and times or contact Amy Barnes to RSVP.