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Ben Z. (Class of '02) completed his Ph.D. in history from Yale University. He received the Edwin Y. Small Dissertation Prize for U.S. History.


Lee D. ('05) married on Saturday, May 4, 2019.  


Robert R. ('06) was awarded a Master's Degree from Georgia State University.


Bobby B. ('07) graduated from Georgia State University, where he studied Sociology. Bobby is leading a very successful career in business as an associate with Payscape.


Elise B. ('10) was recently notified that her research with three other researchers was published in the Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences. The article focused on male and female carpal bones in a Thai population.


Allison R. ('10) is attending law school at Case Western University.


Connor N. ('12) just completed his Master's degree in Classics at UC, Boulder and is headed to Harvard to begin doctoral work in the Classics.


Andrea G. ('13) completed a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Vermont this spring.


James K. ('14) received a B.A. in Psychology from Georgia State University.


Cedrik M. ('15) completed his junior year at Young Harris.


Gabriel T. ('15) graduated from Furman University with a degree in Communications and Sociology.


Griffin H. ('16) is studying Music Production at Berklee College of Music. Griffin plans to graduate in 2020.


Katherine M. ('16) was named to the Dean's List at Georgia State University.


Sophie M. ('16) was named to the Dean's List at Georgia State University.


Erin P. ('16) was named to the Dean's List at Georgia State University.


Benjamin L. ('17) was named to the Dean's List at Georgia State University.


CarolAnne B. ('18) completed her freshman year at the University of Georgia.


Dorothy F. ('18) completed her freshman year at New York University.


Ally G. ('18) completed her freshman year at Oglethorpe University.


Shelby S. ('18) completed her freshman year at TCU.

Tommy Smith (2007) completed the Master of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary.


Morgan Watson (2011) graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia.


Robert Deane (2016) is a junior at Eckerd College.  He is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Animal Studies.  He is currently working as an intern with Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary.


Michael Lovett (2018) is attending Georgia State University.  He currently serves as the Student Manager for the Georgia State Men's Basketball Team.  He is planning to major in Public Policy.


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