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International Student Program

International Student Program


This program is designed to accommodate bright, capable and motivated 14-18 year olds who want to complete a high school college prep program as well as develop English language skills and the academic skills needed for success in American colleges or universities. The program includes a strong college placement component that includes a Speakers Series for college reps and help with the college placement process.

Individual Instruction

Students at Ben Franklin Academy are taught individually, and international students will work alongside American students, who are native speakers of English. Our college counselors and advisors will help to familiarize students with Ben Franklin’s requirements and the college admission process, introduce students to American college admissions representatives, and encourage students to visit the universities or colleges the student chooses. We also offer weekly preparation for the ACT and the SAT.

International Students Program

International Students Program




Advanced and Regular Coursework

In addition to Honors and Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Physics, Calculus, Economics, Statistics, Chemistry, and other subjects, a year-long English language seminar is required, through our ESL Program, leading to fluency in academic English discourse, writing and expanded vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on developing high SAT or ACT scores as well as fluent speech.

Our basic purpose is to help students become excellent candidates for admission to American colleges and universities. Students will be expected to work hard every day, to complete their reading, mathematics and vocabulary assignments, and to obey the Four Ben Franklin Academy Rules.

Tuition for Academic Program with ESL/American Culture Component

$36,000 per year

Program Director

In addition to the student’s Academic Advisor, each student will have direct access to a mentor, Corey Sperry, who is a native speaker of Cantonese and Intermediate Mandarin. Corey is the Director of Chinese Affairs and helps with international students. There is one other bilingual Chinese teacher as well. Students meet with their teachers, advisor and mentor regularly. The mentor stays in close communication (email, telephone, weekly notes) with the student, host family, and parents. BFA also has mentors who are natives of Columbia, Russia, and England.

International Students ProgramInternational Students Program

Admissions Process

Applications are considered by the Ben Franklin Academy Admissions Committee as they are presented. Historically, BFA has had a “rolling admissions” policy – students may begin at any time during the year. Since the work is all one-to-one, students can enroll at any time and begin their program right away. Students are able to accomplish a great deal of work in this setting.

Residential Requirements

Ben Franklin Academy requires that all students live with a parent, older family member (over 25), or an adult legal guardian. We expect our students to become thoroughly accustomed to American speech, as well as social mores and customs. We want them to make American friends and to find the “just-right” college or university.


Students will be expected to attend school every day as scheduled from 8:00 AM Atlanta time to 2:00 PM.


Head of School, Dr. Martha Burdette, will be happy to take telephone calls or return emails. Her email address is