Clubs and Activities

Green Club

The Green Club at Ben Franklin Academy meets once a week to discuss personal goals toward improving our interaction with the environment as well as the latest news on environmental issues.  We plant and maintain an organic garden with various vegetables and herbs.  We also have been grafting apple tree branches to other trees to improve our production of apples.  Our favorite field trip is a lunchtime walk across the street to the Emory University Farmer’s Market. 

BFA Green CLub Seeds image

The Philanthropy Project

The Philanthropy Project at Ben Franklin Academy engages in various projects involving humans and animals in need.  We provide services and organize drives to raise items needed by homeless people, children’s hospitals and shelters, animal shelters, refugees, elder care facilities, and an elementary school in Liberia, Africa. 

BFA Bake Sale Flyer
Students at BFA Bake Sale
BFA Bake Sale Desserts
Students at BFA Bake Sale
Desserts at BFA Bake Sale
Desserts at BFA Bake Sale
Students at BFA Bake Sale
Students at BFA Bake Sale
BFA Christmas Drive

Global Affairs

Every Tuesday morning for about half an hour before school starts, a group of students meets with Charlie Weber, our Marketing, Journalism, and Business teacher, to discuss current events. The topic of discussion changes from week to week, and attendance is open and diverse.



Every Tuesday during the lunch hour, Applerouth Tutors come to BFA to lead SAT and ACT testing preparation classes. This class is completely free to all BFA students.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts Club includes anyone who enjoys creative endeavors.  There are no requirements other than the enjoyment of art.  We spend an hour each week with the leadership of Jan Bedol and Debby Keenan having fun and producing various forms of art.  Our mediums have involved wood, paint, wool, fabric, plants and paper.  Projects have allowed us to learn new art forms including sewing, felting, origami, building and weaving.  Spend an hour each week with us being creative, you won't regreat it.


Game Club

Game Club is a lunch time club meeting once a week. Students gather to play different board and  card games.  It is a good way to relax and have fun while eating lunch! While the club sponsors bring a variety of games every week, students can also suggest their own games to teach and play if they wish.


Junior Classical League

Classics club teaches students about ancient Roman and Greek cultures in a fun, relaxed, and social environmnet. Club activities vary from week to week and include crafts, games, trivia, films, discussion, and of course enjoying snacks. While attending Classics club meetings is requred for Latin students, no prior knowledge of Latin or any other subject is necessary to attend, and the club is open to all BFA students.



The Popular Music Ensemble at Ben Franklin Academy is a small group of students who play instruments of just about any kind, with a repertoire of American music ranging from the Jazz of the 30s and 40s, through the Classic Rock of the 60s and 70s, to the pop music of today. The emphasis is one of camaraderie, fun, and development regardless of entry level. Many students who have performed in the ensemble have graduated on to some of the country’s most thriving college music programs, and have gone on to form their own successful musical endeavors long after leaving the halls of Ben Franklin. Admission to the ensemble is on a case-by-case basis, and some prior experience is required.



Ben Franklin Academy has offered a unique Theatre-Arts Program that pairs the academic study of dramatic literature with a practical training course in stage production. 

BFA Drama Club meets over lunch time to work on the semester's Theater production.

Learn more about BFA's Theater Arts program.

When do BFA Clubs meet?

BFA Clubs meet during the lunch break from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM.

Some clubs, like Band and Drama, also meet in the afternoons after school hours. 

BFA Clubs can also help students meet their work-study hours if they participate in the Work-Study Program.


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